Who we are

The Geezers

The Geezers Club at AgeUK, Bow in East London has been running since 2006 and aims to counter loneliness and isolation amongst older men through the involvement of members in activities addressed specifically to their needs and interests. Tidal power from the River Thames was the group's own idea to improve the lives of London's older people.
Loraine Leeson

Loraine is a visual artist who has worked for over thirty years in community-based art practice. She is Senior Research Fellow at University of Westminster, Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University and director of the arts charity cSPACE. Loraine developed the project through a commission by SPACE five years ago and has been leading it ever since.

Toby Borland

Toby Borland is a design engineer and sculptor. He previously ran MAGICbox, a prototyping laboratory hosted at the University of East London and has an interest in peer manufacture and renewable energy development. When not designing turbines, he is pursuing a PhD in Computer Science in Brunel University.

Ann Light

Professor of design at Northumbria University with an interest in citizen innovation and social change. She was part of the team that  brought Loraine and The Geezers together to ask about future technologies in 2007, and has been documenting progress and pursuing opportunities to support the work ever since.

Fiona Fieber

Fiona is Head of SPACE Learning & Participation. Active Energy was part of the Artist As Neighbour programme which creates projects with artists and communities in the areas where SPACE runs its artists' studios. From there she developed the current programme, People Power, which focuses on art, technology and sustainability with young people.

Nithin Rai 

Trained as a biophysical chemist, Nithin has special interest in marine renewable energy and co-owns the Tamesis Dock barge, which he has made available to the Active Energy project for installation of the turbine and its launch. Nithin's involvement will continue through the subsequent monitoring and maintenance of the installation.

Stephen Dodds

Emeritus Professor of University of East London and Academician of the Academy of Nonlinear Sciences of Russia, Stephen is a renowned as a spacecraft attitude and orbit control systems engineer who developed the first computer-based attitude control algorithms for European Spacecraft. Stephen loaned his skills to work on the intergenerational project at Bow Boys’ School and supported the Geezers in the development of their tidal turbine prototype designs.