New turbine to be launched at Three Mills

3.30 - 5pm Saturday 13th May 2017
at National Mills Weekend

Loraine Leeson and the Geezers' latest phase of the project is a floating water wheel, which is being placed in the River Lee close to an historic tidal mill. The outflow from the mill pool will turn the wheel, which will then drive an aerator to oxygenate the water and counteract the effects of pollution on the river’s fish and wildlife.

The process has been supported by the Lea Valley team of the Hydrocitizenship research initiative. Engineer Toby Borland has designed and implemented the new wheel, while Thames21's Love the Lea project have provided advice, facilities and further support. The wheel's low-cost open source design will soon be viewable on this web site so that others can take up the idea.

House Mill, Three Mill Lane, Bromley-by-Bow, London E3 3DU  020 8980 4626
Nearest tube: Bromley by Bow